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What Is a Special Education Teacher Summer and How to Become One

Special Education Teacher Summer

What Does a Summer Special Education Teacher Do?

As a summer special education teacher, you teach a class of students while making accommodation for each disability they have. This often involves working with other staff at your school to overcome physical, emotional, or developmental challenges. You often help manage the Individualized Education Program or IEP for each student, discuss special needs with parents, adjust each lesson for the needs of each student, and otherwise use summer school to help students overcome their current challenges. This job may be part-time or full-time. Summer special education teachers usually teach in-person, but you may be asked to telecommute through video chat systems and teach students remotely.

How to Become a Summer Special Education Teacher

The qualifications to become a summer special education teacher are a bachelor's degree and a state teaching certification. Many states require additional training or licensure for special education teachers, so be sure to check your local requirements. Depending on student needs and class size, you may work with one or more teachers, so the ability to lead a class cooperatively is essential to success in this role. Students with special needs often have personal assistants, so guiding and working with these helpers is also important. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of this job requires communication skills, attention to detail, patience, empathy, and the ability to manage the unique needs of each student.