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What Is a Solar Technician and How to Become One

What Is a Solar Technician?

A solar technician installs and maintains solar panels. These panels consist of photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity. Your job duties as a solar technician include assessing the project location, selecting the best solar system for the requirements, and meeting all local building codes and regulations before installation. You often work closely with solar engineers and solar installers on each project. Most solar technicians also test each panel system after installation and perform repairs on damaged or aging systems.

How to Become a Solar Technician

The qualifications needed for a career as a solar technician include a high school diploma or GED certificate. Many go on to earn an associate degree from a community or technical college. If you want to demonstrate your skills further, you can obtain a professional certificate. However, most employers offer on-the-job training to new hires. Other important requirements include strong communication and technical skills and the ability to read building schematics. You must also have basic experience with electrical wiring and circuits, but specific experience with solar panel systems is not necessary. Positions are most commonly available with solar photovoltaic system manufacturers.

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