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What Is a Social Scientist and How to Become One

Social Scientist

What Is a Social Scientist?

A social scientist performs research on the link between society and human behavior, sometimes for a university. They often specialize in a field such as geology, economics, anthropology, sociology, or history. Job duties include planning, designing, and compiling complex research projects. They also participate in qualitative and quantitative data collection, conduct field studies, and perform statistical analysis. An important part of being a social scientist is interpreting research and understanding its applications.

How to Become a Social Scientist

Qualifications for a career as a social scientist include obtaining a master’s degree or higher in a social science field such as geography, economics, history, political science, or anthropology. Sometimes referred to as anthropologists, their job duties include the study of human behavior and culture. A social scientist may work in an office setting, in the field, or teach at a college or university. Skills required include attention to detail, effective organization, and strong written and verbal communication.