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What Is a Senior Contract Specialist and How to Become One

Senior Contract Specialist

What Does a Senior Contract Specialist Do?

As a senior contract specialist, you create and draft contracts and other agreements required by a business. Your responsibilities include developing contract templates and applying provisions during the development phase to identify and avoid liabilities while determining opportunities for process and service-level improvements. You are also expected to manage and maintain all documents and their modifications and handle renewals and negotiate provisions if required. Other duties include storing data on specified software programs, interpreting vendor contracts, participating in negotiations for contract changes, and monitoring the fulfillment of the contract obligations. This position is available in various industries including healthcare, law, and construction.

How Do You Become a Senior Contract Specialist?

The qualifications needed to become a senior contract specialist include a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field and five years of experience within the field you choose to work in, related to contract and vendor management. You must have in-depth knowledge of contracting processes and the ability to use contract management software. Depending on the industry you work in, some positions require specialized training and licensing, such as security clearance. You must be able to conduct research, analyze technical data, read policies, meet deadlines, and recall regulations. It is critical that you have strong written and verbal communication, listening, and organizational skills.