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What Is a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist and How to Become One

Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

What Does a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist Do?

As a senior accounts payable specialist, you oversee payouts and review financial transactions. In this role, you may process payment invoices, help create reports on financial activity, and coordinate with other accountants to ensure all records are accurate. Senior accounts payable specialists often help resolve problems and discrepancies, respond to vendor inquiries, research invoice copies, check billing documentation, and manage other financial processes as needed. Many senior specialists in this field also manage other staff and help train new employees within the accounting department, delegating their own work as needed. This job can be done remotely, but most senior accounts payable specialists work in headquarters or major offices.

How to Become a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist

The primary qualifications for becoming a senior accounts payable specialist are several years of experience with accounts payable and experience processing a high volume of complex invoices. A college degree with a focus on accounting or a similar field can help you stand out from others earlier in your career, but at this level, most employers value work experience and past success over all other considerations. This job also requires proficiency in standard office software and the ability to prioritize, multi-task, and manage deadlines. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a senior accounts payable specialist requires attention to detail, math skills, communication skills, and research skills.