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What Is a Seasonal Tax Preparer and How to Become One

Seasonal Tax Preparer

What Does a Seasonal Tax Preparer Do?

A seasonal tax preparer does income tax preparation for clients during tax season each year, usually January 1 through April 15. They may have to complete a tax preparation training course before taking on clients for an employer, even if they have some prior experience. A seasonal tax preparer consults with clients about their year in finances, including employment income, inheritance and investments, charitable donations, whether they have dependents, and other factors that impact taxes. After gathering all the necessary documents, a preparer submits tax returns on behalf of their clients.

How to Become a Seasonal Tax Preparer

To become a seasonal tax preparer, you need previous experience or training in tax preparation. While math skills and the ability to use tax programs are important, most companies prefer to hire someone who has taken training courses to understand tax laws and filing practices. It’s possible to be a self-employed tax preparer during the busy tax season, but joining a national preparation service can provide more opportunities for clients and guarantee seasonal pay. Your responsibilities include communicating with clients, documenting accurate information, and preparing and meeting filing requirements.