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What Is a Sculptor and How to Become One


What Does a Sculptor Do?

A sculptor is a creative artist who forms materials into different shapes, usually to create art or serve as a model for an object. As a sculptor, your responsibilities include using clay or other materials for the sculpting process, applying three-dimensional modeling techniques, using software to prototype or design sculptures, and applying the principles of art to create a high-quality product. You may also occasionally use hard materials like stone, discuss production needs with other staff, and adjust models based on feedback from designers and managers.

How to Become a Sculptor

The primary qualifications for a sculptor position include a bachelor's degree in a field like sculpting or industrial design and advanced knowledge of modeling equipment. Employers strongly prefer applicants who have five to 10 years of experience with industrial sculpting, so many sculptors start in a junior position or move into industrial sculpting after several years of creating fine art. For an exclusively artistic role, you can become a sculptor with little or no formal education. In this capacity, fine art is typically judged by its perceived quality and your sculpting skills rather than your educational background, although formal classes can help you refine and expand your sculpting techniques.