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What Is a Sales Support Specialist and How to Become One

Sales Support Specialist

What Does a Sales Support Specialist Do?

A sales support specialist’s primary responsibilities are to assist the sales team and resolve issues related to the sales process for customers. In this role, you are the contact person for sales staff and clients, who count on you to provide information and resources for any questions or problems that arise. Your duties include updating records, analyzing potential clients, reviewing sales databases, ensuring orders are filled, making recommendations for improvements, contacting customers, and providing above and beyond support for customer satisfaction. A sales support specialist typically works standard business hours in an office setting with some travel depending on the organization.

How Can I Become a Sales Support Specialist?

To become a sales support specialist, you typically need an associate degree, but many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in business or a similar field. Prior experience in a sales department is beneficial to have as well as an understanding of the product industry. You must have a solid understanding of the sales process, be proficient in Microsoft Office software, demonstrate your ability to think intuitively about customers’ needs, and have customer service experience. Other qualifications include excellent time management, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as the ability to work well both on a team and independently.