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What Is a Sales Assistant and How to Become One

Sales Assistant

What Does a Sales Assistant Do?

A sales assistant supports sales representatives and marketing managers by tracking and reporting on sales information. You support sales staff by clarifying customer requests and tracking each transaction. You also resolve order or inventory problems. Your responsibilities include consolidating, analyzing, and forwarding daily sales. Other duties include providing reports to the sales team that detail sales versus projections. You provide product and pricing information and answer customer questions. You also maintain a database of customers and input new customer profiles for monthly reports. You track sales expenses and analyze sales team expenses.

What Are the Required Qualifications to Work as a Resource Manager?

A sales assistant needs experience working in a sales environment. You need a basic understanding of sales principles and extensive customer service experience. Other required qualifications include data entry skills, reporting skills, and administrative writing skills. You need superb attention to detail and a strong air of professionalism. You must have Microsoft Office skills and a customer focus. Sales assistants need a track record of meeting or exceeding sales quotas. Most employers require sales assistants to have a high school diploma. To be successful in this role, you also need a friendly, engaging and confident demeanor.