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What Is a Retail Sales Representative and How to Become One

Retail Sales Representative

What Is a Retail Sales Representative?

Retail sales representatives work in retail stores and are responsible for helping customers with their shopping needs. Their job duties include providing information about products, assisting customers to locate products in the store, and keeping the store clean and orderly. Most retail sales representatives have completed high school, though some retail stores also hire high school students, especially during busy seasonal periods, such as summer or the holiday season. Prior retail service experience may not be required; retail stories typically provide on-the-job training.

How to Become a Retail Sales Representative

The minimum qualifications for a Retail Sales Representative job include a high school diploma or GED. Some organizations might also prefer prior retail or service industry work experience, but many offer on-the-job training. Employers may also hire high school students for seasonal help. Retail Sales Representatives work in retail stores and apply customer service, communication, active listening, interpersonal, accounting, and human resources skills. Duties and responsibilities for a Retail Sales Representative job can include greeting customers, supporting customers with their shopping needs and inquiries, running the cash register to check people out, stocking shelves and racks, processing returns, opening and closing retail establishments, and maintaining sales records.