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What Is a Research Director and How to Become One

What Is a Research Director?

A research director manages a company’s research and development department. As a research director, you supervise team members, overseeing data collection and analysis, product design, and manufacturing. Other responsibilities include hiring and training new staff, conducting performance evaluations, and gathering information and preparing detailed reports about the progress and outcomes of research projects. The qualifications for a career as a research director are a doctorate in science and at least five years of management experience.

How to Become a Research Director

The qualifications for a Research Director include a bachelor’s degree and five or more years of experience in a related position, such as Research Assistant or Research and Development Supervisor. Many employers also require a master’s degree and some a doctorate for a director-level position. Job skills needed include leadership, effective communication, research abilities, active listening, and project management. You can find Research Director jobs in various settings, including medical facilities, educational institutions, and corporations. Duties and responsibilities for a career as a Research Director include managing the research and development team, utilizing current research methods to collect and interpret data, and developing strategies to improve existing products and services.