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What Is a Research Consultant and How to Become One

What Is a Research Consultant?

A research consultant collects and analyzes data to help an organization make informed decisions about current and future programs, products, or services. Specific job duties vary depending on the company and industry. For example, a research consultant in the manufacturing industry may gather test groups to document their opinions on a new product. A municipality may utilize a research consultant to determine what community programs residents think should be added or improved to their city’s recreational offerings.

How to Become a Research Consultant

To become a research consultant, earn a bachelor’s degree in math, business, statistics, marketing, social science, or a related field. Larger companies may prefer candidates with graduate degrees. Acquire an entry-level position in the industry in which you wish to work to learn effective ways to gather and analyze data. Take workshops on how to do market research and analyze market trends. Once you have several years of experience in working with this kind of data collection, seak research consultant positions.