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What Is a Remote Sales Representative and How to Become One

What Does a Remote Sales Representative Do?

Remote sales representatives communicate with customers on a regular basis to sell one product or multiple services via phone calls. These professionals do the same job as regular sales reps but with the option of making commission and performing responsibilities from home. As a remote sales rep, you take the initiative to locate and contact the customer, using persuasive techniques and your excellent interpersonal skills to negotiate and secure sales. You focus on developing each client relationship to foster opportunities for future business. In this role, you also establish sales targets and outcomes, setting deadlines and coordinating sales efforts among team members.

How to Become a Remote Sales Representative

Many remote sales representatives start their career by earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, or marketing to learn valuable skills and techniques for cold calling, finding leads, and fulfilling other duties of this position. However, you may qualify to become a remote sales rep without formal education so long as you have proven experience and skills in communication, persuasion, and basic financial understanding. Other qualifications for this remote role include excellent time-management, organizational, and interpersonal skills for developing client relationships. You also need computer proficiency in software such as Microsoft Office and a reliable computer with internet access.