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What Is a Remote Claims Processor and How to Become One

Remote Claims Processor

What Does a Remote Claims Processor Do?

The job duties of a remote claims processor revolve around working to process insurance claims. You typically work from home or another remote location. Your responsibilities start with assessing the claimant's insurance policy and coverage. You review documents and records related to the claim and decide on approval or denial of the claim. A processor also prepares the paperwork necessary for the insurer to process the case for the client. You also have customer service duties, such as answering patient questions and telling them about the claim status. Processors can work with medical insurance, property insurance, or casualty insurance.

How to Become a Remote Claims Processor

The qualifications that you need to start a career as a remote claims processor include knowledge of insurance claim procedures and education. Claims processors need to have a high school diploma. Some employers prefer to hire applicants with some college credits, but you do not need to have a degree. However, a bachelor’s degree can still help you stand out from other applicants. Community and technical schools may offer post-secondary certificate programs in claims processing, and employers may provide on-the-job training for new employees with the skills to learn the job. Customer service experience is beneficial in this career.