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What Is a Referral Coordinator and How to Become One

Referral Coordinator

What Does a Referral Coordinator Do?

A referral coordinator works in a healthcare setting to assist patients in scheduling appointments and managing health insurance issues. As a referral coordinator, you work directly with the patient, patient families, or even social workers, depending on the job and patient needs. Other duties include setting up appointments for new and existing patients and answering phone calls. Careers as referral coordinators often begin with an entry-level administrative position in a doctor’s office or medical facility. In these positions, you hone many of the skills necessary for the more advanced role.

How to Become a Referral Coordinator

A career as a referral coordinator requires some formal education and qualifications, typically a high school diploma and a medical assistant certification. Some medical assistant certifications require that you have an associate or bachelor's degree. As a referral coordinator, you track referrals in a healthcare administrative system, enter data, coordinate with insurance and regulatory agencies, and assist patients with potential issues. You must be organized and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as you have administrative responsibilities including scheduling appointments, coordinating the transfer of patients, and other clerical duties, often across multiple medical facilities.