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What Is a Recreational Specialist and How to Become One

What Is a Recreational Specialist?

Recreational specialists coordinate activities and events in a recreational program. As a recreational specialist, you may work for a municipality, school, or public park. Your job duties include developing a schedule of activities for participants and supervising activities to provide assistance and ensure safety. Qualifications to pursue a career as a recreational specialist include a bachelor's degree in physical education or a related field and some experience organizing and running events.

How to Become a Recreational Specialist

The main qualifications for getting a job as a recreational specialist are a high school diploma and some experience with event planning or administration. Most employers prefer applicants who have basic first aid training, computer literacy, and a passion for community development. Recreational specialists often work for the government or local nonprofit organizations. Experience is helpful for getting this job, so consider volunteering with a nonprofit to gain experience before applying for a full-time position in this field. Other helpful qualities for starting a career as a recreational specialist include interpersonal skills, physical stamina, and the ability to adjust for the unique needs of anyone participating in your activities.