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What Is a Range Technician and How to Become One

What Is a Range Technician?

A range technician’s primary responsibility is to keep an eye on large, open, grassy areas, often referred to as rangeland. This type of land usually requires the range technician to write grazing permits so that ranchers can have their cattle feed on the grass in the area. In this job, you work both outdoors and in an office, using your skills to ensure the proper land usage is taking place on behalf of government agencies, such as the Department of the Interior. Other duties involve maintaining the land and studying the soil. In cases where issues involving the rangeland arise, you may be required to assist police officers. For this career, important qualifications include having excellent communication skills and public speaking experience, as you are also required to hold local workshops to explain land usage to ranchers.

How to Become a Range Technician

Experience and skill are the primary qualifications for a range technician. There are no specific educational requirements for this position, allowing you to pursue a wide range of degrees. Any program that focuses on agriculture and natural sciences is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the responsibilities of a range technician. Your experience with ranges, or open grazing lands, is also vital. Previous experience handling the duties of a ranch hand or crop management is highly beneficial. You need excellent communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills for this role. Usually, government agencies hire technicians out of college to help maintain ranges.