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What Is a Property Management Bookkeeper and How to Become One

Property Management Bookkeeper

What Is the Job Description of a Property Management Bookkeeper?

A property management bookkeeper handles various accounting, finance, and billing details for residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate. In this role, your responsibilities include overseeing accounts receivable and payable, collecting rent payments, handling eviction paperwork and attending court hearings if needed, and managing vendors, final account statements, audits, and more. You also assist in collecting delinquent rent deposits and sending information to collection agencies. Other duties include managing employee payroll, communicating with and invoicing contractors, and utilizing accounting software to submit accurate records. You are also expected to provide excellent customer service to residents.

How to Become a Property Management Bookkeeper

The qualifications to become a property management bookkeeper include a bachelor’s degree as well as two to five years of professional bookkeeping and property management experience. Most employers require candidates to be familiar with accounting software, such as QuickBooks, as well as basic accounting and bookkeeping standards. You must be able to maintain updated and accurate files while staying organized. You are expected to develop positive working relationships with both residents and contractors who work on the properties, so having excellent communication and customer service skills are essential. It’s also beneficial to be detail-oriented and a team player. Availability to work nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime is often required.