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What Is a Project Manager Internship and How to Become One

What Are the Qualifications to Get a Project Manager Internship?

The qualifications to get a project manager internship depend on your level of responsibilities and your education. To qualify for a project management internship, you should be enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited university or college and studying the field in which you are applying to intern. For example, if you want to intern as a project manager in software development, you should be studying computer science or engineering. Typically, you also need to have recommendations from professors or other professional sources. Strong attention to detail and good technical skills are essential for project management.

What Are Project Manager Internship Opportunities?

Project manager internship opportunities exist in a variety of fields where project management is important. These include engineering, software development, construction, logistics, electronics, and manufacturing. As a project manager intern, you assist a project manager with various administrative duties. These include developing a timeline and a budget for projects, making contact with vendors, reviewing bids, and helping to organize the project team. As a project management intern, you may also assist team members with technical aspects of a project in addition to your administrative tasks.