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What Is a Professional Nursing Tutor and How to Become One

What Is a Professional Nursing Tutor?

A professional nursing tutor provides additional nursing instruction and study help to nursing students. Unlike teachers or professors, as a tutor, you focus more on a student’s trouble areas and assist them in developing proper study strategies to improve. Together with the student or students, you review material in one on one sessions or in small groups and solicit the student’s feelings about what they feel are their strengths and weaknesses. You then help them to plan ways to tackle those issues and improve their studies.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Professional Nursing Tutor?

The qualifications needed to become a professional nursing tutor include proficiency in your subject and a demonstrated ability to help students improve their academic and organizational skills. Most professional nursing tutors are students who have already completed a specific course, tutoring current students exclusively in that subject matter. To qualify for this type of position, good grades and a willingness to work with others may be sufficient. For school tutoring centers or private tutoring companies, you may need to have completed your associate or bachelor’s of nursing degree to qualify to work as a tutor.

What Skills Make a Successful Professional Nursing Tutor?

Like any tutor, you find the most success as a nursing tutor if you know how to communicate effectively and get the student to take responsibility for their own studies. Tutoring is not teaching, and your duties are to guide students to find strategies that they can use after you finish tutoring. It is also essential to maintain a tight focus on the material. You need to be empathetic about students’ difficulties, but your responsibilities require you to be firm about keeping them focused on the task at hand and not about larger issues they may be facing.