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What Is a Printing Sales Representative and How to Become One

Printing Sales Representative

What Is a Printing Sales Representative?

A printing sales representative is responsible for the sales of printed goods for their company. To succeed in this job, you must actively create relationships with current and prospective clients, draw up contracts, bid on large-scale and commercial print jobs, and give the overall best possible service to clients. Your day-to-day responsibilities may include maintaining customer accounts, following up with former customers to ensure satisfaction or to help them reorder additional materials, drawing up presentations and proposals for jobs, and learning about new products or services available at your company. You may have additional duties as a printing sales representative that relate to marketing and advertising, especially if you work for a smaller company where roles overlap.

How To Become a Printing Sales Representative

A printing sales representative is typically required to have a college degree. Depending on the company, you may only need an associate's degree, but many companies require a bachelor's degree in business, communication, or a related field. Sales are all about building relationships, so the best printing sales representative candidates meet additional qualifications like excellent communications skills, a track record of excellent business relationships, and organizational skills. Most companies want you to have some sales experience, especially in commission based sales, before you begin working for them. You should pursue a sales internship or an entry-level position in a sales environment while in school.

How Can I Succeed as a Printing Sales Representative?

The best way to succeed as a printing sales representative is to know your field, stay organized, and build excellent business relationships with clients. Your relationship with your clients is the number one factor in them coming back to you for future printing needs, so even if a client brings a small project at first, the right treatment can ensure that you get their large-scale projects in the future. Being self-motivated and excited about the idea of sales can help you to succeed in this role as well. Many sales roles are commission based, so you need to be a go-getter to succeed.