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What Is a Planning Technician and How to Become One

What Is a Planning Technician?

A planning technician works in the field of real estate development. In this career, you usually work for a public agency, where you provide information to developers, homeowners, and businesspeople about zoning ordinances and other issues that may affect their building, renovation, or excavation projects. Your job duties include answering questions over the phone or at an information desk in a municipal office. You may also perform administrative tasks as well. The qualifications needed for a career as a planning technician include an associates degree in urban planning and several years of experience in the planning field.

How to Become a Planning Technician

The primary qualifications for becoming a planning technician are an associate degree in a related field and two years of experience in an area like plans review, zoning administration, or surveying. Many employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor's degree and may accept this as a substitute for industry experience. Companies occasionally advertise this job under titles like GIS technician, code enforcement technician, or zoning technician, so you may need to check under various job titles to find all positions in your area. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a planning technician requires research skills, customer service skills, writing skills, and the ability to follow complex regulations.