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What Is a Physician Chart Reviewer and How to Become One

Physician Chart Reviewer

What Does a Physician Chart Reviewer Do?

As a chart reviewer, you review patient charts and medical records and make recommendations regarding medications, treatments, medical procedures, and other treatment plans. Your duties vary based upon employer, but physician chart reviewer positions are typically found with insurance companies, in a hospital, or for an Independent Review Organization (IRO). Your schedule as a chart reviewer is flexible, and the workload can vary widely. Some physician chart reviewers work on an as-needed basis, while other jobs are a fixed period or long-term. Depending on your employer, you can perform your responsibilities from home or a remote setting.

How to Become a Physician Chart Reviewer

Most physician chart reviewer positions require that you are a practicing physician. You must have current board certification in family practice, emergency medicine, or another specialty based on your employer’s needs. Other qualifications include a valid and up-to-date state medical license and a federal DEA or Controlled and Dangerous Substances (CDS) license. Some employers prefer that reviewers have privileges to work at area hospitals. You need excellent written and verbal communication skills, self-motivation, and must be detail-oriented and organized to properly assess and maintain documentation. Experience with chart reviewing is beneficial but not always a requirement.