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What Is a Pharmacy Consultant and How to Become One

Pharmacy Consultant

What Do Pharmacy Consultants Do?

The job of a pharmacy consultant, also known as a consultant pharmacist or pharmacist consultant, is to provide support for health care services. As a pharmacy consultant, you may give a patient advice about their medication, discuss medical treatment options with doctors, and determine which services make sense to provide. In this role, you also help with the development, maintenance, and accuracy of reporting software, analyze the use of pharmacy and medical benefits, and perform cost modeling to ensure the pharmacy remains profitable. At times, the pharmacy may ask for input on the benefits and drawbacks of proposed changes. Performing medical forecasting and trend analysis is essential to succeed in this job.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Pharmacy Consultant?

The primary qualifications to become a pharmacy consultant include an associate or bachelor's degree in a field like accounting or statistics as well as a few years of related job experience. Many pharmacies limit this job to pharmacy technicians since working in a pharmacy is the best way to understand how they operate and what the impact of changes might be. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position requires experience with reporting tools, the ability to focus on details, and strong communication skills. Many pharmacy consultants travel throughout a network to support multiple pharmacies, so you may also need a driver's license and a reliable form of transportation.