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Pet Transportation Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

How to Get a Job in Pet Transportation

If you want to work in pet transportation in the United States, you should work with a service that is recognized by the Department of Agriculture and endorsed by the IATA. No special qualifications are necessary for most pet transport jobs unless you apply for a veterinary medicine job, which requires a veterinary medicine degree and license. The skills required for the position include attention to detail, communication skills, ability to work under pressure, and driving skills. You also need strong customer service skills as you work with a client and their pet for weeks or even months as their pets clear customs and quarantine.

What Are Jobs in Pet Transportation?

Pet transportation involves either the physical relocation of an animal or helping pets through the adoption process. Your responsibilities as a pet transporter include picking up pets, booking flights, providing paperwork to airlines to ship the animal, securing space in a pet hotel, filling out customs paperwork, checking on pets in quarantine, and delivering the pet to their new home. Your duties may mean you work domestically or with services and governments around the world. All jobs require an end-to-end process, so you must have strong follow through, and you must take care of every pet you move as if they were your own.