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Per Diem Jobs - What Are They and How to Get One

What Is a Per Diem Job?

Per diem means ‘per day’ or ‘for each day.’ These jobs are paid on a daily basis as opposed to an hourly, part-time, or annual basis. They usually consist of short-term or temporary employment. Per diem workers may be filling in for a full-time employee who is on sick leave or vacation, helping out during a busy season, or possibly performing job duties that are not frequently needed.

What Are Different Types of Per Diem Jobs?

Per diem jobs are short-term positions which are paid by the day. The most common per diem job opportunities are in the medical field, including positions in nursing, hospice, pediatrics, and midwifery. Phlebotomists, operating (OR) assistants, and pharmacists may also work on a per diem basis. Per diem employees are often contracted to work as admissions coordinators, recreation coordinators, and assistants.

How Do You Find Per Diem Work?

There are many ways to find per diem employment, especially in the medical field. A candidate can reach out to the hiring office at a local hospital or medical office building. They may also check the classifieds for open positions. The most common way to find per diem jobs, however, is to search for and apply to per diem jobs online through a job board. Here, a candidate may type in the per diem job title and desired location and apply to as many jobs as they wish.

How Does a Per Diem Job Work?

Unlike hourly, part-time, or salaried jobs, per diem positions are paid on a daily basis. Per diem workers negotiate daily rates and job responsibilities with employers prior to beginning their employment and typically work on a temporary or short-term basis. A per diem employee may be filling in for a sick or vacationing worker or fulfilling a seasonal need. They may work one day or several consecutive days.