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What Is a Paver Operator and How to Become One

What Is a Paver Operator?

A paver operator uses specialized machines to spread asphalt over a surface. Your duties involve working on roads or highways during initial construction or resurfacing projects. Pavers must be able to operate equipment and adequately mix and spread materials so the road surface is level and of the proper consistency. You inspect the prepared area before beginning paving, and you must be able to maintain correct speed and move the paving machine in a straight line so as to not waste materials during paving.

What Skills Are Required to Be a Paver Operator?

The qualifications for a paving operator include a high school diploma and the ability to operate a paver and other equipment. You may need a commercial driver’s license to operate equipment or transport equipment to the job site. You can learn the skills necessary to be a paver operator through a program at a trade school, via on-the-job training as an assistant to an experienced paver operator, or from an apprenticeship program that lasts one to three years.