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What Is a Patient Access Manager and How to Become One

Patient Access Manager

What Does a Patient Access Manager Do?

As a patient access manager, you work in a hospital, overseeing the admissions and registration department. In this role, your job duties include training new staff members, enforcing health care policies, managing patient scheduling, and addressing patient concerns. You are accountable for the accuracy of all data collected in the admissions process. In the health care industry, there are many government regulations. You must make sure that all admissions processes comply before allowing access to health care services. To become a patient access manager, you may need a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. However, you can find work without a degree. You also need 5 years of health care experience.

How to Become a Patient Access Manager

The qualifications you need to become a patient access manager include a degree and a background in healthcare administration. Most employers expect at least a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or a related field, though some employers may accept applicants with experience equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. In these cases, you still need at least a high school diploma or, preferably, an associate degree. Your duties include overseeing other admission staff members, so you need management skills. Your responsibilities include assessing insurance coverage and abiding by healthcare service regulations. You need a strong understanding of these practices and rules.