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What Is a Patent Attorney Work From Home and How to Become One

How to Become a Patent Attorney Who Works From Home

The primary qualifications for becoming a patent attorney who works from home are an active attorney license in at least one jurisdiction and some experience with document review and patent law. Patent attorneys must pass the bar exam—the requirements for passing vary by state but usually include answering two hundred questions and writing several essays over two or three days. Minimum scores vary by area so be sure to check the requirements in the area where you plan to take the test. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a patent attorney who works from home requires communication skills, research skills, attention to detail, and the ability to maintain your license to practice as an attorney.

What Does a Patent Attorney Who Works From Home Do?

As a patent attorney working from home, you focus on the licensing and documentation review for intellectual property. In this remote role, you represent your client in a local court, coordinate with another lawyer if you cannot show up to proceedings in person, prepare paperwork describing an invention or new trademarks, and otherwise work to uphold your client's rights under copyright and licensing law. Home-based patent attorneys often use telephone, email, and regular mail to correspond with others, submit paperwork, answer questions, and gather information. You may also oversee remote assistants, such as paralegals or law library researchers, to help research each case and answer your client's questions.