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What Is a Party Bus Driver and How to Become One

What Is a Party Bus Driver?

A party bus driver is a licensed driver who is eligible to transport passengers on trips while the passengers engage in a party atmosphere. As a party bus driver, you drive a 14 or more passenger vehicle to designated pick-up and drop-off points along a specified route, giving excellent customer service along the way. Sometimes this means driving people across the state or county for a sporting event, while other times you may pick up a wedding party to bring them from venue to venue. Other events may have you pick-up a group at one stop and then drive to several stopping points along the way, like bars or clubs.

How to Become a Party Bus Driver

To become a party bus driver, you must meet several vital qualifications. First, you must obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL), as well as a chauffeur's license and any other additional licenses that may be required by your state. If you are driving for an established company, they should have all permits and inspections in place before you join, but if you are driving independently, you need to obtain the proper permits for your buses and have the correct inspections completed. Your required duties, skills, and responsibilities as a party bus driver go above and beyond those of a general bus driver.