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What Is a Part Time Personal Assistant and How to Become One

Part Time Personal Assistant

What Does a Part-Time Personal Assistant Do?

As a part-time personal assistant, your job is to help manage the daily schedule for your client. In this role, you may organize their office, perform various administrative tasks, and otherwise help your employer improve their productivity. Part-time personal assistants usually work in-person, but it is possible to find remote versions of this job, especially at companies whose employees already work around the country or the world. As a personal assistant, you may answer emails and phone calls, perform data entry, run errands, deliver memos, and perform any other miscellaneous tasks as needed. Hours for this position can vary, but they often include several hours each day instead of a few long shifts each week.

How to Become a Part-Time Personal Assistant

The primary qualifications for becoming a part-time personal assistant are a high school diploma and some familiarity with regular office work, including using computers and landline telephone systems. Employers prefer applicants who already have experience as a personal assistant, so the more time you spend in an assistant role, the easier it is to stand out from other assistants. Flexibility is essential for this role, so demonstrating your ability to switch between tasks quickly is also helpful. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a part-time personal assistant requires time management skills, communication skills, attention to detail, a driver's license, and reliable personal transportation.