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What Is a Part Time Armed Security Officer and How to Become One

Part Time Armed Security Officer

What Does a Part-Time Armed Security Officer Do?

The duties of a part-time armed security officer focus on providing security for a facility, an individual, or a business. You accomplish your security responsibilities while carrying a firearm during your shifts. A part-time security guard ensures the safety of a facility during overnight or weekend shifts or as a substitute for full-time security guards. You perform patrol duties while safely carrying your weapon or ensure the safety of a client. In the event of a security breach or imminent threat, you counteract the issue and contact relevant police or law enforcement agencies.

How to Become a Part-Time Armed Security Officer

The qualifications needed to start working as a part-time armed security officer include firearm training and a license to carry a weapon, a security guard license, and additional security training. Employers typically prefer applicants who have experience in the military or law enforcement. All armed officers need a weapons license, but training requirements and tests vary by state. Most states require specialized armed security guard training approved by the Department of Public Safety. You take another exam to earn a security guard license. Employers of security officers value observational skills, discretion, and physical fitness.