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What Is a Paralegal Non Profit and How to Become One

Paralegal Non Profit

What Does a Nonprofit Paralegal Do?

As a nonprofit paralegal, you assist attorneys at your organization with those cases with which your nonprofit is involved. In this role, you may review relevant aspects of the law, review work done as a charity to ensure it falls in line with regulations, and otherwise provide additional client services as needed. If your nonprofit does not have full-time lawyers on staff, you may instead work with an outside firm. Nonprofit paralegals often conduct pre-litigation and post-litigation research, draft documents, maintain familiarity with local filing rules, manage legal logistics, and help explain complex legal topics to other employees.

How to Become a Nonprofit Paralegal

The primary qualifications for becoming a nonprofit paralegal are a bachelor's degree and some experience in the legal field. Some employers accept an associate degree instead, but a bachelor's degree can significantly increase the number of jobs for which you qualify. Similarly, employers do not always require paralegal certification, but getting certified is strongly preferred and can help you remain competitive. Some paralegals volunteer their services to gain experience before applying for a part-time or full-time position. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a nonprofit paralegal requires research skills, communication skills, presentation skills, attention to detail, and sometimes meeting miscellaneous requirements like becoming a notary public.