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What Is an Orthodontist Assistant and How to Become One

What Do Orthodontist Assistants Do?

Orthodontist assistants help provide patient care and treatment to correct dental problems and straighten teeth. As an orthodontist assistant, your job duties include taking impressions of patients’ teeth, taking X-rays, checking orthodontic gear like braces and retainers, preparing tools for the orthodontist, and getting patients ready for orthodontic procedures. You must also update patient charts and organize the orthodontist office. You need good interpersonal communication skills to explain procedures and educate patients as well as to collaborate with your supervising orthodontist during routine and emergency procedures.

How to Become an Orthodontist Assistant

To begin your career as an orthodontist assistant, you need post secondary qualifications. You can complete a one year dental assisting certificate or a two year associate’s degree program in orthodontics assisting. You need a high school diploma or GED and CPR certification to enter a dental assisting training program. In addition to classroom instruction, you get hands-on practical experience to learn the technical skills of the job from a licensed orthodontist along with how to interact with patients during their appointments.