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What Is an Online Real Estate Agent and How to Become One

What Does an Online Real Estate Agent Do?

As an online real estate agent, your job is to help each client through the real estate sales process. In this role, you may provide a virtual tour of a residential or commercial property, manage the listing via the internet, and otherwise work from home to meet the client's needs. Online real estate agents usually work with clients who have no ability or no need to visit the property in person before buying it. For example, many people can buy an empty lot with nothing more than a location on a map and some pictures of the area, and families that are moving cross-country may need to buy a house without visiting. This job title refers exclusively to real estate agents who only work online, not agents who just have an online presence or post listings on the internet.

How to Become an Online Real Estate Agent

The primary qualifications for becoming an online real estate agent are an associate degree and a valid real estate license for the area in which you plan to work. Despite the online nature of this job, many online real estate agents visit local properties at least once during the sales process if there is already something built there, so the ability to travel is important to your success. The requirements for a real estate license vary by state, but they typically include completing pre-license education and passing a state exam. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of an online real estate agent requires communication skills, attention to detail, and familiarity with at least one real estate market.