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What Is an Online Nutritionist and How to Become One

Online Nutritionist

What Does an Online Nutritionist Do?

An online nutritionist works through an organization to guide individuals with custom diets. Your primary responsibilities include promoting health, reaching health goals, and prevent disease with proper nutrition. You communicate with the client online, and after gathering a history, identifying needs and wants, and understanding their lifestyle, your duties are to assist with the education of healthy eating, developing a meal plan, counseling healthy food habits, and evaluating progress. You provide reports to your client and adjust goals as needed. An online nutritionist is an easily accessible coach for those looking to make a difference in their life through diet.

How to Become an Online Nutritionist

To become an online nutritionist, start with a bachelor's degree in nutrition science or dietetics. To work as a dietitian, you need to be licensed as well. There is a variety of licensing options for online nutritionists and requirements differ by state as well as the organization. You earn credentials through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic for the nationally recognized Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) or choosing the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS), or the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB). Other qualifications include active listening, effective writing skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to teach and motivate others.