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What Is an Online Merchant and How to Become One

What Is an Online Merchant?

An online merchant is responsible for marketing products and making sales on the internet. Job duties involve operating the online retail operation for a business. In a large company, they may be responsible for one aspect of the retail process, while in a small business they may handle everything from marketing and product listings to order fulfillment and shipping. The primary career qualifications for an online merchant often include a degree in marketing or business and experience in online sales.

How to Become an Online Merchant

The duties and responsibilities of online merchants vary significantly with each job, meaning the qualifications likewise differ. Generally, you need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED certificate for these roles, but some companies prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a business field of study. Having previous experience in sales, marketing, and using websites can also set you apart for these positions. Online merchants need outstanding computer skills, especially with graphic design, writing marketing materials, and maintaining websites. You should also have some financial knowledge, such as creating and implementing a budget, tracking sales, and analyzing transactions.