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What Is an Online Advertising Manager and How to Become One

What Is an Online Advertising Manager?

An online advertising manager oversees a team of marketing professionals to promote companies through ad campaigns on websites and social media apps. As an online advertising manager, your job duties include planning and implementing online marketing campaigns, delegating tasks to your team, analyzing market research about target audiences, developing promotions and sales for online campaigns, and arranging for photo or video shoots for online ads. You need a strong understanding of what people respond to so you can make informed decisions about what types of ads are most likely to be effective.

How to Become an Online Advertising Manager

To pursue a career as an online advertising manager, you need a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising, communications, journalism, or a related subject. You need several years of experience in the marketing industry, both in entry-level and supervisory roles. Other qualifications include strong internet skills, particularly with website and social media marketing, and solid leadership and teamwork skills to run your team effectively. You can find online advertising manager jobs with companies that have in-house marketing teams or with independent marketing agencies.