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What Is an Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner and How to Become One

Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner

What Does an Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner Do?

An occupational medicine nurse practitioner is a specialized healthcare provider who focuses on keeping people safe and healthy within their work environment. According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, or DOT, in this role, you provide first aid and other health care to workers who become ill or injured on the job. You can work in an occupational medicine clinic, an urgent care facility, or onsite at a factory or warehouse. In most settings, you treat patients, but your responsibilities may also include providing health education, leading blood pressure and diabetes screenings, or helping organize and run an occupational medicine clinic.

How to Become a Occupational Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Occupational medicine nurse practitioners need an advanced degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s of science in nursing. You also need to pass a national certification exam to become a nurse practitioner. Your education provides the skills to perform the examination, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries. Your duties also include record keeping and reporting, so strong written communication skills are as important as clinical qualifications. Many nurses opt to undertake field training from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. You can also earn certification from the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses to help demonstrate your capabilities to potential employers.