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What Is a Medicare Agent and How to Become One

Medicare Agent

What Does a Medicare Agent Do?

As a Medicare agent, you review your clients’ health care plan and help them evaluate their needs against the services and coverage they are eligible to receive. You make recommendations about obtaining supplemental insurance and help people understand their options for prescription drug, vision, and dental policies. You visit clients in their own homes or in long-term care facilities, and your responsibilities include educating, answering questions, and handling discussions and transactions in an ethical, professional manner. Additionally, you undertake sales-related duties, such as prospecting, networking, marketing, and relationship management, and you are responsible for achieving a set quota and implementing member retention strategies.

How to Become a Medicare Agent

To be a Medicare agent, you need qualifications in the insurance industry and a solid understanding of Medicare programs and related details, such as election periods, patient eligibility requirements, pharmacy and provider networks, and prescription drug plans. Additionally, you need to acquire appropriate licenses as required by your state. Most opportunities require a clean driving record. As a sales agent, you should be self-motivated, assertive, and persuasive, with good follow-through and the ability to pay attention to details. Strong communication skills are crucial, as is the ability to present complex information clearly and engagingly.