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What Is a Medical Device Engineer and How to Become One

Medical Device Engineer

What Does a Medical Device Engineer Do?

A medical device engineer is an engineering professional who develops new medical equipment and medical devices. As a medical device engineer, your work will vary depending on your area of expertise and may include biomedical research, material research and sourcing, computer-aided design work, and teaming up with doctors and patients. You also must understand the manufacturing process and ensure the products you design are both useful and cost-effective. You look for innovative solutions to medical problems and design new equipment diagnoses and treatments.

How to Become a Medical Device Engineer

Qualifications for a career as a medical device engineer include a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Depending on the scope of the position, additional coursework in life sciences and computer programming may be helpful. In some positions, you duties focus on the design of equipment and technology, which may also involve the installation and repair of the device. Your responsibilities may also focus on the development of materials for use in implantations and other treatment plans. Most medical device engineers find work in medical manufacturing or R&D. Exceptional problem-solving skills are imperative to your success in this career. Excellent communication skills are also essential for working with a team of engineers.