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What Is a Master Craftsman and How to Become One

What Is a Master Craftsman?

A master craftsman is a general title for someone who is experienced and highly skilled in a particular craft. As a master craftsman, you have reached the highest level of craftsmanship in your field. To attain this title, you must complete years of training on the job, rising from apprentice to journeyman to master. Your duties vary entirely based on your craft and industry, but you generally hold a management or supervisory role. Typical master craftsman trades include welder, carpenter, and metalworker.

How to Become a Master Craftsman

The minimum qualifications for becoming a master craftsman generally start with a high school diploma or GED certificate. While in high school, you should take vocational classes in the craft you wish to pursue. Woodworking and metal shop are standard courses in most high schools. Following graduation, you should apply for an apprenticeship. Throughout history, this apprenticeship has been a part of joining craftsman guilds. You may need to join a union, depending on your state. Experience is mostly gained hands-on in the field, working with a journeyman craftsman or higher to hone your skills. To become a master craftsman, you must be skilled with a variety of tools and materials used in your craft. Certificates and degrees from vocational schools can help you advance in your career.