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What Is a Mapping Technician and How to Become One

What Is a Mapping Technician?

A mapping technician is an engineering professional who specializes in creating new maps and modifying existing maps. In a job as a mapping technician, your duties are to collaborate with surveyors and cartographers, collect geographic data and survey maps, and utilize computer-aided design (CAD) and digital terrain modeling software, along with geoimaging, graphics, and global positioning systems (GPS) data. The qualifications for a career as a mapping technician are an associate or bachelor’s degree in geomatics, surveying, or drafting and design engineering. Internship experience gives you the skills to enter the workforce, and professional certification makes you a desirable candidate.

How to Become a Mapping Technician

The qualifications that you need to become a mapping technician include a college degree and computer skills. While the minimum requirement for some positions is a high school diploma or GED certificate, most mapping technicians have an associate or bachelor’s degree. You can study a subject like geographic information systems (GIS), geography, or computer science. Your duties include using mapping software and data from sources like Lidar surveys. To handle these responsibilities, you need the skills to use applicable computer programs and analyze survey data. Some employers hire applicants with a technical degree in computer-aided design and modeling.