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What Is a Maintenance Plumber and How to Become One

What Is the Job Description of a Maintenance Plumber?

A maintenance plumber is a role within the plumbing profession that focuses on the upkeep of large water systems. In this career, you are usually employed by larger organizations to maintain the plumbing systems of large facilities or campuses. Your responsibilities depend on the type of building you are maintaining, but your basic duties are to maintain, repair, or install gas, water, irrigation, or sewer systems. Generally, the systems on which you work as maintenance plumber are designed for large-scale use by many individuals. This differs from plumbers who operate on individual systems in homes.

What Are the Qualifications to Work as a Maintenance Plumber?

There are no specific academic qualifications for becoming a maintenance plumber, but generally, you need a high school diploma or GED certificate. You also need to have experience working as a general plumber. You can gain this experience by working in an apprenticeship program with a plumbing firm. Typically, apprenticeship programs last four or five years. Through the course of the apprenticeship, you learn all of the skills required for working as a plumber. If you want to become a maintenance plumber, you should strive to complete an apprenticeship program with a plumbing firm that specializes in maintenance plumbing.