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What Is a Legal Courier and How to Become One

A legal courier works for a law firm, public defender’s office, courthouse, or prosecutor’s office. As a legal courier, you deliver legal documents to the courts or another law office. You also pick up documents on behalf of your employer. Your responsibilities include working with various legal clients to promptly and efficiently deliver critical documents. Other duties involve invoicing clients, creating your schedule, and managing multiple deliveries and picks-up at once. You may drive a vehicle, ride a bike, or deliver documents on foot. Your skills in finding the most efficient routes between two clients help you deliver documents faster and acquire more clients.

Legal couriers do not need any specific education qualifications or prior experience. Typically, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for a legal courier. Many law firms or courts mandate couriers obtain a criminal reference check and have a valid driver’s license. Many employers also require you to have a measure of physical fitness, as courier jobs often require significant movement throughout the day. Couriers must be able to present themselves professionally, as they visit law offices, clerks, and courthouses regularly. Couriers can also work independently and make sales calls to various law firms to acquire work.