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What Is a Learning Specialist and How to Become One

What Is a Learning Specialist?

A learning specialist is an educational professional. It’s your job to help students, typically those with learning disabilities or psychiatric disorders, with their coursework. Your duties involve developing special lessons, teaching in one-on-one sessions, and helping students develop better life skills. Other responsibilities are to tutor children falling behind and develop detailed reports on the student’s progress. You communicate closely with the student’s family and school administrators. You typically specialize in a specific age group, grade level, or academic subject. Many learning specialists double as an educational therapist.

How to Become a Learning Specialist

A learning specialist needs a strong background in education and social work, along with a passion for assisting children. You need at least a master’s degree as well as a current teaching license. Additional qualifications include excellent communication and leadership skills. A learning specialist also needs plenty of patience to effectively work with struggling students. Most employers prefer those with multiple years of teaching experience and the proven ability to support special needs students. You typically work in schools, but positions are also available at churches, prisons, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and daycare services.