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What Is an International Salesman and How to Become One

What Does an International Salesman Do?

As an international salesman, your job is to sell goods and services overseas while avoiding the pitfalls of international trade. In this role, you decide which retail product to try and sell, which territory to sell to, and what legislation to lobby. Each country has unique regulations on the importing, exporting, and sale of international products, and as the representative of your company, it is your job to learn and manage them while pursuing profit. You may also need to handle an existing tariff on the products, which can make selling them harder. International salesmen often travel to the countries in which they're trying to sell products, but some international salesmen permanently reside in other countries and help sell products on behalf of foreign companies. Having a native familiarity with the markets can be extremely helpful for companies trying to expand, making this a popular choice.

How to Become an International Salesman

The primary qualifications for a career as an international salesman are a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and one or two years of related sales experience. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position requires excellent communication skills, the ability to travel on a regular basis, and strong customer service skills. International salesmen also do a significant amount of research and often try to gain native or near-native proficiency with the languages of major markets. The ability to build relationships with companies and government agents is essential to your success in this role. You often create sales reports and summaries of activity for the head office, so any experience creating such content can help you stand out from other applicants.