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What Is an International Sales Manager and How to Become One

International Sales Manager

What Does an International Sales Manager Do?

The responsibilities of an international sales manager (ISM) include maximizing sales revenue in existing markets, expanding sales into new territories, and researching trends to develop accurate sales projections. As an ISM, you must develop a business plan for customer acquisition in multiple markets that meet the company’s global sales quotas and profitability goals. You supervise a team of sales professionals and work together to prepare action plans for individuals and the team to find new sales leads effectively. Other duties include setting competitive pricing while striving to maintain maximum profit margins. You also keep records of pricing, all products or services sold, and other activities for each country. Sales manager positions are available in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industries. The career typically requires international travel.

How to Become an International Sales Manager

Qualifications to become an international sales manager include at least a bachelor’s degree in international business or a related field, international sales experience, and a valid passport. You must be well-versed in sales with knowledge or experience in the industry in which your business is involved. Many employers prefer candidates to be fluent in a second language. You need excellent analytical, communication, and presentation skills, extensive understanding of sales techniques, and the ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with clients. You also need knowledge of all company policies as well as the ability to ensure your sales team abides by these rules.