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What Is an International Physical Therapy Assistant and How to Become One

International Physical Therapy Assistant

What Does an International Physical Therapy Assistant Do?

As an international physical therapy assistant, you travel overseas to assist rehabilitation and perform other duties related to physical therapy treatment under the direction of a licensed physical therapist (PT). Physical therapy assistants may work in a healthcare clinic, at a fitness center, or in an industrial workplace. You work with a patient or client to alleviate medical issues that limit their ability to move or perform daily activities. As a PTA, you guide the patient through movements and exercises, and measure progress and changes in performance. Working internationally allows you to experience new places while helping people with health-related conditions.

How to Become an International Physical Therapy Assistant

To become an international physical therapy assistant you can pursue an associate degree from a program accredited by the American Physical therapy association. Programs teach physical therapy assistant responsibilities and provide hands-on clinical training. You should then take the National Physical Therapy Exam to become a licensed PTA. The World Confederation for Physical Therapy is an excellent resource to find international physical therapy organizations and the skills and practices used. Additional qualifications for working abroad include a valid passport, appropriate work visa, and passing a language proficiency examination depending on the country.