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What Is an Interior Design Consultant and How to Become One

What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

An interior design consultant works to assist clients with their interior decorating. In this career, you may help clients furnish and decorate their homes, offices, or businesses. Your duties are to meet with clients, inspect the spaces that they want to redesign or decorate, go over samples, and come up with suggestions that complement their personal style or the brand’s aesthetic. Your responsibilities may also include pricing products, such as fixtures, furniture, and drapery, and helping the clients to find professionals to install the products.

How to Become an Interior Design Consultant

To become an interior design consultant, you need several years of experience as an interior decorator or designer. In addition, many design consultants have educational qualifications, such as a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, furniture design, or a closely related subject, although this is not always necessary. It is more important to have an excellent eye for detail, a strong grasp of color theory and design, and the ability to assess your clients’ tastes and design proclivities. Important skills for the profession include strong interpersonal communication and financial knowledge.